Conceived in Lyon (France) in 2012, BOBO is a project originating from Lluis’ desire to curate gastronomic experiences, team-building activities and private events for students and companies. Over the years it has evolved to what it is today: a consulting company that strategizes and implements personalized experiences for clients. Inspired by the concept of “bourgeois bohemian,” BOBO encapsulates

a lifestyle of quality consump+on for modern urbanites seeking a fusion of travel, culture, technology, leisure and nature in their everyday experiences. BOBO arises from the conception that it is important to enjoy the small pleasures of life and embrace the joy in everyday living. In essence, if you find yourself reflected in the value of authentic living, then yes, you are BOBO.


Lluís is an experienced professional in corporate and private event design whose projects are driven by a passion for creating environments that bring people together. A natural BOBO at heart, Lluís believes that gastronomical experiences can set the scene for profound connections. Fueled by a desire to impact the lives of others, Lluís relishes in curating events that not only achieve the goals of his clients but, most importantly, leave lasting memories for those who take part in the BOBO experience.

Art, Culture and Gastronomy Enthusiast
Lluis spent three years as the Director of Restora+on and Catering of the Na+onal Theater of Catalonia and Auditori of Barcelona with Serunion SA.

Innovation & Tech Aficionado
Lluis has completed multiple collaborations with Imagine Creativity Center, an organiza+on based in Silicon Valley that embraces the concept of disruptive innova+on to create world-changing solutions

Although Lluis has grown professionally from his Business Studies degrees at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, as well as his Event Management and Leadership Masters at EADA Business School, he considers that his greatest lessons in life have been gleaned from his travels across the world. Road tripping solo across the United States and Latin America is one particular experience that has allowed him to achieve the personal growth (in self- reliance, confidence, adaptability and perspective) that drives him to this day.

CommiBed to Sustainability
Lluís has created a sustainable and reusable gastronomic product, Fondu, for the lovers of the small pleasures in


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