The club


Conceived in Lyon (France) in 2012, BOBO is a project origina+ng from Lluis’ desire to curate gastronomic experiences, team-building ac+vi+es and private events for students and companies. Over the years it has evolved to what it is today: a consul+ng company that strategizes and implements personalized experiences for clients. Inspired by the concept of “bourgeois bohemian,” BOBO encapsulates

a lifestyle of quality consump+on for modern urbanites seeking a fusion of travel, culture, technology, leisure and nature in their everyday experiences. BOBO arises from the concep+on that it is important to enjoy the small pleasures of life and embrace the joy in everyday living. In essence, if you find yourself reflected in the value of authen+c living, then yes, you are BOBO.


Do you want to be part of this exclusive club?


    1. Responsable de los datos: Bobo Barcelona
    2. Finalidad de los datos: Responder a solicitudes del formulario.
    3. Legitimación: Tu consentimiento expreso
    4. Destinatario: Base de datos alojada en CDMON (10DENCEHISPAHARD, S.L) (UE)
    5. Derechos: Tienes derecho al acceso, rectificación, supresión, limitación, potabilidad y olvido de sus datos.

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